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Welcome to Rowe Electric

Founded in 1966, Rowe Electric stands as a family-owned and operated New Jersey-based commercial and industrial electrical construction firm. Proficient in a wide array of electrical construction projects, including commercial and industrial developments, new builds, additions, design-build initiatives, and remodeling, we prioritize exceptional workmanship within specified time and budget constraints.

Our expertise extends to design/build applications, reflecting our commitment to successful project outcomes. Rowe Electric’s responsive services include a mobile team of seasoned New Jersey commercial and industrial electricians, available 24/7, adept at addressing emergency calls and production outages, and providing non-emergency services and preventative maintenance.

From upgraded, energy-efficient lighting to comprehensive power systems with backup generators, our experienced professionals cater to diverse needs. Furthermore, our team excels in installations for residential and commercial applications, harnessing the latest advancements in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and standby power solutions. Please contact us directly for personalized estimates and detailed insights into the transformative potential of EV chargers and generators.

Family Owned
Since 1966
Available 24/7

The Powerful Hand of Performance

Experience the impact of “The Powerful Hand of Performance” at Rowe Electric, where your role extends beyond a mere number. Our commitment transcends metrics, emphasizing that the significance of our electrical systems’ work lies in ultimate performance and quality. Choose Rowe Electric for a service that prioritizes excellence, ensuring our electrical systems surpass any numerical benchmark. Your satisfaction is paramount, defining the true essence of “The Powerful Hand of Performance” in every electrical systems endeavor.

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Rowe’s Commitment to Safety

Our unwavering commitment to safety is evident through OSHA certifications and continuous training in the workplace. Prioritizing employee well-being, we ensure a secure environment, fostering a culture of safety excellence. Trust us for a workforce that is well-prepared and dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of occupational safety at our electrical construction firm.

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